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AQIS permits for pets moving overseas

Want to take your pet overseas? The rules for pet immigration are specific to each country. As a pet owner wanting to avoid pet quarantine in countries that require it you’ll need to be familiar with these rules.


The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service – AQIS – manages quarantine controls at Australia’s borders to minimise the risk of exotic pests and diseases entering and leaving the country. At Sydney Animal Hospitals we have vets who are AQIS-accredited and can provide advice and assistance in ensuring your pet is ready to travel overseas.


AQIS recommends planning your pet’s compliance with pet immigration rules well in advance. Under Australia’s Export Control Act 1982, an Export Permit and a Health Certificate are required for export of all live animals (that includes your pet) from Australia. Many countries require that animals receive:

  • treatment
  • testing and
  • vaccination

In Australia before they are eligible for import, and all countries require that your pet receives a final veterinary inspection before export.

Some countries require that animals receive a rabies vaccination at least 30 days before the date of departure so make sure you plan well in advance. Import Permits may also be required for entry of animals into some countries.


If there is any likelihood that your pet will be returning to Australia, it is imperative that you discuss this with AQIS as early as possible.


Animals cannot be imported (or returned) directly to Australia from some countries, so appropriate advice is essential before your animal leaves Australia. If you wish to re-import your pet within six months of export, preparations must be made prior to leaving Australia.

AQIS says that you as the pet owner are responsible for ensuring that your pet complies with the requirements at time of travel of the country you are travelling to.


Here are some tips to ensuring your pets travel arrangements overseas run smoothly:

  • Visit the official website of the country or countries you plan to travel with your pet.
  • Contact the relevant government authority by phone, post or email to obtain the latest import requirements in writing. The country’s embassy may also be able to assist.
  • If the importing country requires an import permit this may also detail the specific preparation and health requirements that need to be met.
  • Only official documentation published or issued by the relevant government authority in the importing country is acceptable to AQIS as the basis for the preparation and health status of your pet for export.
  • Health certificates will not be issued based on information from other sources such as pet transport companies or websites other than the official website of the responsible government authority in the importing country.


If you want more information from AQIS, contact them directly:

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service – 1 Crewe Place, Rosebery NSW 2018  Phone: (02) 8334 7432







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