COVID-19 Alternative Options to see a Vet





Please ensure you follow the government’s strong social distancing advice while accessing out hospitals with your pets.

Sydney Animal Hospitals has protocols in place to comply with social distancing measures. Please be aware that your visit to our hospitals will be via a non-contact protocol. Clients can access veterinary services as per usual. However, you will not be able to enter the premises. You will be able to talk to your vet over the phone while your pet is examined and treated by our veterinary and nursing staff. Our service level will remain as high as ever.

Please ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed by the vet and staff on your visit.

Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and that we will follow the advice and recommendations from expert health organisations and act accordingly.


To reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 exposure at our hospitals, we are asking our clients who are feeling unwell, wish to socially isolate, are elderly and are cautious, have travelled or been potentially exposed to COVID-19, to PLEASE CALL your local Sydney Animal Hospitals prior to arrival to discuss options which we have available for you.


Sydney Animal Hospitals COVID-19 response options to see a Vet are:

Please make an appointment at your local Sydney Animal Hospitals, all Hospitals are using a strict non-contact protocol for all clients.


  1.  If you are unwell or practicing social distancing: consider asking friend or neighbour to bring in your pet
  2.  We can arrange a Non Contact pick up/drop off. “Non-contact patient transfer” NCPT
  3.  Have a In Car Appointment “In Car Appointment” ICA
  4.  Try our new Telemedicine “Vet to client Virtual Consult” VCVC, please call us





1   Could a friend or neighbour bring in your pet?   

If  you are unable to, could a friend or neighbour safely bring your pet in to see our vet that is a simple alternative to attending yourself. We are happy to call you while your pet is being examined – please ask the vet to call you and discuss the consultation while your pet is in the hospital. We take payment over the phone.

We will also require confirmation from yourself of the identity of person picking up/dropping off your pet so we can confirm the third party’s identity before receiving or handing over a pet.  If it is not suitable for a friend or neighbour to bring your pet in, please read on to our other options below.



2  ‘Non-Contact patient transfer’ NCPT   

A non-contact NCPT pick up or drop off of your pet can be arranged where we can place a crate outside our door and your dog or cat (in it’s carry cage) is placed inside. Our Nurse will stay by the crate until pet owners are at least 1.5 meter’s distance and then collect your pet from the crate for transfer to the hospital.




3  ‘In Car Appointment’ ICA service    

While you wait in your car our staff can come and safely collect your pet. You can then speak with our vet on your mobile during the consultation. After the consultation our staff member will bring your pet back out to your car with any medication if required. Payment can be made simply over the phone.



4  ‘Vet to Client Virtual Consultation’ VCVC service

Pet owners can access a Pet Telemedicine Service (Vet to Client Virtual Consultation) video call using your mobile from the comfort of your home. Clients can use their mobile camera to show their pet to the vet and discuss any issues. The consultation is limited, as we cannot perform a physical exam however if a further in clinic physical consultation is required, the VCVC service fee will be deducted from our normal consultation fee, T&Cs apply. Please call us to book.




The safety and wellbeing of our pet owners and staff will always be Sydney Animal Hospitals top priority.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


If you have any questions or would like to organise one of our alternative options to see a Vet, please call your local Sydney Animal Hospitals on:

Newtown (02) 9519 4111
69-73 Erskineville Road Erskineville    Open Monday to Friday 7am-9pm Saturday & Sunday 7am-6pm

Inner West (02) 9516 1466
1A Northumberland Ave Stanmore    Open Monday to Friday 7am-8pm Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm

Norwest (02) 8883 0411
Unit 8, 1-3 Celebration Dr Bella Vista    Open Monday to Friday 7am-9pm Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm

Kellyville (02) 8883 0533
106 Windsor Rd Kellyville    Open Monday to Friday 7am-9pm Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm

Newport (02) 9997 4609
1 Palm Rd Newport    Open Monday to Sunday 8am-7pm

Avalon (02) 9918 0833
710 Barrenjoey Rd Avalon Beach    Open Monday to Friday 8am-7pm Saturday 8.30am-4pm closed Sundays

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