Computed Tomography CT Scanner now operating at SAH Kellyville

A new GE 16-slice CT Scanner installed at SAH Kellyville enhances the advanced diagnostic imaging services available in-house to our Sydney Animal Hospitals patients.

The Computed Tomography CT Scanner provides a rapid and non-invasive method of imaging bony structures, internal organs and large regions of your pet’s body in great detail. The CT Scanner is beneficial for abdominal and chest imaging (providing dramatically more detailed images than standard chest x-rays), brain and spinal imaging, and is also used for imaging complex bone fractures and joint abnormalities.

The way the CT Scanner works, is by using conventional x-rays to image the patient in two dimensional ‘slices’. These slices are then combined together by a computer to create a three dimensional image providing a large amount of information about the patient. The CT scan procedure is very quick, and as it is necessary that your pet remains still during the procedure, a short general anaesthesia is required.


Our vets will discuss with you during a consultation whether considering a CT scan will be beneficial for your pet’s treatment. If your pet is scheduled for a CT scan, your pet will require an anaesthetic and should be fasted overnight (water is okay) prior to being admitted to SAH Kellyville on the morning of the procedure. After the CT scan has been completed, one of our vets will discuss the imaging results with you over the phone or when you collect your pet from the hospital.

With the CT Scanner available in-house at SAH Kellyville this means we no longer have to refer patients elsewhere for this advanced imaging examination – saving time and reducing patient anxiety. So you can relax knowing that your pet will be well cared for by our friendly and professional veterinary team at SAH Kellyville.



The CT Scanner at SAH Kellyville provides the opportunity for imaging of the following:

  • Spinal cord injuries and disease, including diagnosing intervertebral disc disease (i.e. slipped discs).
  • Brain, head and neck assessment for masses and other diseases, including nose and mouth, teeth and jaw, middle ear and diagnosis of foreign bodies (e.g. stick foreign bodies).
  • Chest and abdominal assessment, such as for diagnosing cancer masses and fluid abnormalities. 
  • Bone assessment for bone cancers (e.g. osteosarcoma), and for surgical planning for orthopaedic fracture repairs and developmental growth abnormalities such as elbow dysplasia.
  • Assessment of congenital diseases such as portosystemic shunts or urinary tract abnormalities.


If you have any questions about the advanced imaging services such as the CT Scanner available at Sydney Animal Hospitals Kellyville, please call our friendly team on 02 8883 0533.


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