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Dog DNA Test

This fantastic new technology, available at all Sydney Animal Hospitals, allows dog owners to trace their four-legged friend’s ancestry back to their great-grandparents, meaning that those of us with mixed-breed dogs have a better understanding of where they came from and what the future has in store. Discovering the genetic make-up of your dog is highly valuable information that can be applied over a number of areas concerning your dog’s general health, as well as provide you with interesting historical facts about your dog’s breed. 


Each DNA test comes with a:

  • Certificate of authenticity
  • List of genetic disorders commonly found in one or more of the breeds that make up your dog’s DNA


Each breed has unique personality characteristics

Uncovering your dog’s genetic make-up can give you an insight into the characteristics and predispositions of your dog. This is helpful in determining whether or not your dog’s mother and father were typically an outgoing breed, good with children, prone to chasing cars, loud, quiet, aggressive … the list goes on.

While your own particular dog’s characteristics may not align strongly with one side of the genetic pool or the other, knowing your dog’s genetic make-up can give you an insight into how long it may live, how big it may grow, or even what diseases it has a disposition to and should be monitored for.

Genetic information can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Knowing your dog’s genetic make-up can help in determining the best type of diet and exercise regime and allow you to more accurately monitor your dog’s healthy weight range. This dog DNA test shows the personalised healthy weight range for the specific combination of breeds your dog is made up of, as well as suggests the appropriate food types for keeping your dog fit and healthy.


Contact us Sydney Animal Hospitals today to schedule your dog DNA test.


Please note not available at Sydney Animal Hospitals Inner West.


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