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  • (02) 8319 5555

Health Care Plans Terms and Conditions



  • Healthy, Ultimate and Senior Care Plans are for dogs and cats over the age of 6 months.

As puppies and kittens are still growing, different vaccinations and parasite preventative are required, therefore it is best for a puppy or kitten to join a LifeVAC plan first and after 6 months of age they can add a Health Care Plan.


  • A one-off joining fee of $40 is applied with any plan chosen and is non-refundable.


  • Vaccination and Health Checks – We provide a comprehensive health exam at the time of the annual vaccination and an additional health progress check during the year at 6 months.

These visits are the ideal time for pet owners to ask questions about their pet’s health and wellbeing.

The health check visits are an opportunity to assess the need for any additional preventative health care measures. Keeping your pet happy and healthy.


  • A health progress check is defined as a veterinary examination focused on preventative care for a healthy pet. A consultation fee will be charged at the discretion of the veterinarian if the pet presents with a clinical illness.


  • There is a limit of one health progress check per pet per year, to be scheduled at 6 to 8 months following vaccination and are non-accumulatory.


  • It is the client’s responsibility to book your biannual wellness check, no reminder will be sent to the client.


  • Currently your Health Care Plan covers the standard C5 Vaccination for dogs.

C7 vaccination include the same antigens as the C5 with additional Leptospirosis and Corona virus coverage. We recommend this vaccination for dogs in areas where Leptospirosis is present. Particularly dogs living or visiting in the inner city of Sydney. The cost is a additional $100.00 to upgrade to C7 vaccination for your pets life.


  • Health Care Plans do not include FIV, FeLV, feline chlamydia for cats however these can be added to your pets vaccination program at an additional cost of $100.00 to upgrade for your pets life.


  • Health Care Plans include a SR12 Heartworm annual injections for dogs only.


  • All pets must be microchipped as part of this program and to comply with NSW state legislation.


  • Vaccines will be given in the frequency as per the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) guidelines.


  • If the veterinarian deems a pet unsuitable for vaccination due to illness, a consultation fee will apply.


  • Medical testing and treatment for any illness condition or injury and any other incurred fees for preventative health care are priced separately in addition to the cost of the Health Care Plan.


  • It is essential that all owner contact details are kept current to facilitate regular and timely reminders.


  • Preventative brands included are subject to change without notice.


  • Members Rewards – Free Nurse health checks and free Nurse nail clipping are available by a booking only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.


  • Reminders – Although we send regular reminders when your pet is due for their vaccinations, it is the owners responsibly to make sure their pet is up to date with their vaccinations.


  • It is also the owners responsible to inform Sydney Animal Hospitals if you move or your pet passes away.


  • LifeVAC – If you are a LifeVAC* member you will receive a discount of an additional $10 per month off your chosen annual plan.

LifeVAC – a lifetime of vaccinations for a single one-off payment, please ask our staff for  LifeVAC program details.


  • It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure monthly payment are not missed. Any credit card or bank account changes must be updated immediately by contact Vetpay1300 657 954 . Failed payments will result in Healthcare plans being suspended.  All discounts and deliveries will stop until outstanding amounts are paid.


  • Cancellations – Plans are designed to maintain the long-term health of your pet and simplify members budgeting with easy monthly payments. Plan services are provided at significant discounts. If you need to cancel, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation you are responsible for the remaining payments of the plan or the full retail value for services used or products provided under the plan less payments made (whichever is less).


  • Prices are correct at the time of adding to marketing brochures and website and are subject to change without prior notice.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your local Sydney Animal hospitals direct.

If you have any questions, please call your local Sydney Animal Hospitals on:


Newtown  (02)9519 4111
69-73 Erskineville Road Erskineville    Open Monday to Friday 7am-11pm Saturday & Sunday 7am-6pm

Email – newtown@sydneyanimalhospitals.com.au 


Inner West (02)9516 1466
1A Northumberland Ave Stanmore    Open Monday to Friday 7am-8pm Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm

Email – innerwest@sydneyanimalhospitals.com.au


Norwest (02)8883 0411
Unit 8, 1-3 Celebration Dr Bella Vista    Open Monday to Friday 7am-9pm Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm

Email – norwest@sydneyanimalhospitals.com.au


Kellyville (02)8883 0533
106 Windsor Rd Kellyville    Open Monday to Friday 7am-9pm  Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm

Email – kellyville@sydneyanimalhospitals.com.au


Newport (02)9997 4609
1 Palm Rd Newport    Open Monday to Sunday 7.30am-7pm

Email – newport@sydneyanimalhospitals.com.au


Avalon (02)9918 0833 
710 Barrenjoey Rd Avalon Beach    Open Monday to Friday 8am-7pm  Saturday 8.30am-4pm closed Sundays

Email – avalon@sydneyanimalhospitals.com.au