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Non Medical Services


Here at Sydney Animal Hospitals, our modern facilities together with our experienced veterinary and support team, means we can offer expertise and a large range of ancillary services for your pet including  behaviour problem assessment, puppy pre-school, nutrition, grooming and boarding. Our team will be happy to discuss any of our services with you, and can answer any questions you may have.

All About Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs or cavies make fantastic pets and to keep them happy and healthy they require good nutrition and health care, along with the appropriate housing. Whether you’re thinking about getting a guinea pig as a pet, or you’ve recently got one, we’ve summarised the main points of keeping guinea pigs as pets.

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All About Rabbits

Rabbits are common pets, especially with children, however they do require good nutrition and health care, along with the appropriate housing and veterinary care, to keep them happy and healthy. If you’re thinking about getting a rabbit as a pet, or you’ve recently got one, we’ve summarised the main points of keeping rabbits as pets.

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Is your pet in pain?

If you are concerned that your pet is in pain, then the experienced veterinary team at Sydney Animal Hospitals can help. We have a proven track record for working effectively with chronic pain in animals.

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Hill’s Pet Food Delivery Service

Get high-quality, nutritious pet food delivered to your door from any one of our locations in New South Wales. Get in touch with us and place your order today.

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New Pet Care

If you’re preparing to welcome a new pet into your home, Sydney Animal Hospitals can help you to ensure you do all the right things to give them the best chance of adjusting to their new home and settling in quickly.

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Pet Nutrition

Contact us to discuss your pet's dietary requirements. Our skilled veterinarians and vet nurses can guarantee that your pet receives the best food for its health and longevity.

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Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is as vital to your puppy's long-term health as immunisations and proper nutrition because it allows you to positively impact how your puppy interacts with other dogs and people for the rest of their life.

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Pet Grooming

We know how vital pet grooming is in keeping our furry family members happy and healthy. Regular pet grooming appointments not only keep our pets looking and smelling fantastic, but they are also good for their general well-being. We provide expert pet grooming, including nail trimming because we aim to give the best possible care to every animal.

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Pet Boarding

We take pleasure in our dog and cat boarding facilities at Sydney Animal Hospitals. You will be boarding your pet with all of the services of a veterinarian hospital, including a certified veterinary and pet healthcare staff nearby.

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Pet Behaviour Problems

Pet behaviour issues can be caused by both behavioural and/or medical factors. Our veterinarians at Sydney Animal Hospitals will explore pet behavioural issues by taking a comprehensive history and doing a full examination, including blood or urine testing, to rule out underlying medical illnesses and properly identify a problem.

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