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Preventative Health Care Plans

Health Care Plan

Preventative Health Care Plan

Preventative Health Care Plan

Preventative Health Care Plan

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


Choose your annual plan and set-up affordable monthly payments.


We do the rest including treatments delivered to you FREE.


Enjoy the peace of mind of having complete health care for your pet.


Preventative Pet Health Care PLANS AND PRICING

Choose your Annual Preventative Pet Health Care Plan, pay monthly and we do the rest!

Including parasite preventative treatments delivered to you FREE.

PREVENTION is better than cure. This is why Sydney Animal Hospitals offer an exclusive range

of Annual Pet Health Care Plans to our customers.



We provide a comprehensive health exam at the time of the standard annual vaccination and an additional

health progress check during the year at 6 months. These visits are the ideal time for pet

owners to ask questions about their pet’s health and wellbeing. The health check visits are an

opportunity to assess the need for any additional preventative health care measures. Keeping

your pet happy and healthy.



You’ll never have to remember to get your pet’s parasite preventative treatments again because

we’ll deliver them as needed FREE to your home.



Data from diagnostic tests help your vet to determine your pet’s current health status and how

best to proceed should there be any results to address. Choose a plan that includes blood and

urine tests for complete peace of mind.



We understand your pet is part of the family and we’ll care for your pet as we do our own. To

help you care for your pet and keep the budget in check we have included a range of member rewards suitable for each Preventative Health Care Plan. These member rewards are offered as part of our commitment to partnering with you during the life of your pet, and the rewards can save you a significant amount.



Many pet owners find it difficult to keep track of their pet’s check-ups, treatments and vaccination

schedule. Keeping on top of your pet’s health care needs is essential to prevent parasites,

infectious diseases and ill health in puppies, kittens, adults and senior pets. We send regular

reminders to ensure you never miss a vaccination and check-up for your beloved pet.




Once you choose the most appropriate annual plan for your pet and budget, all that’s required is to set up your monthly debit and relax, because we do the rest!



If you are a LifeVAC* member you will receive a discount of an additional $10 per month off

your chosen annual plan.

*LifeVAC – a lifetime of vaccinations for a single one-off payment, please ask our staff for

LifeVAC program details.



Our Preventative Preventative Pet Health Care Plans are heavily discounted and are based on an annual commitment.

Should you need to stop your plan at any time you can do so by paying the remaining months

left on the annual plan or by paying for services used at full retail value, (whichever is less).

Plans are designed to maintain the long-term health of your pet and simplify members budgeting

with easy monthly payments. Plan services are provided at significant discounts. If you need

to cancel, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation

you are responsible for the remaining payments of the plan or the full retail value for services

used or products provided under the plan less payments made (whichever is less). Prices are

correct at the time of printing and are subject to change without prior notice.



Healthy, Ultimate and Senior Care Plans are for dogs and cats over the age of 6 months.

As puppies and kittens are still growing, different vaccinations and parasite preventative are required, therefore it is best for a puppy or kitten to join a LifeVAC plan first and after 6 months of age they can move to a Preventative Health Care Plan.


Click here for Preventative Health Care Plans T&C’s.



For more information drop by your local Sydney Animal Hospital or call