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Congratulation on your new kitten, below is a checklist of requirements to keeping your new kitten happy and healthy.


Owning a new kitten can be a very exciting (and busy!) time for pet owners. There are some crucial health care measures that need to be taken to ensure your new furry friend gets the best start in life.


Did you know for new kittens, we offer a FREE Health Check by a Vet and a FREE sample Bag of Hill’s Food, book your appointment now!  T&C’s may apply.





Age                             Requirements

2 Weeks                      All Wormer (that controls Roundworm/ Hookworm and Tapeworm)

Flea treatment (ADVANTAGE only at this age).


4 Weeks                       All Wormer


6-8 Weeks                    1st Vaccination  F3 or F4

All Wormer  – Advocate  (fleas/ worms/ heartworm/ ear mites)

To be Microchipped


10 Weeks                    Advocate can be replaced by Bravecto Plus (flea/tick/heartworm/round and hookworm prevention) every 8 weeks for Life.


12-14 Weeks                 2nd Vaccination F3 or F4

All Wormer Monthly Advocate  (fleas/ worm/ heartworm/ ear mites) or begin Bravecto Plus


12-15 Weeks                 Desexing Time (as per the NSW Government regulation July 2020)


16 Weeks                     3rd Vaccination

Advocate  (fleas/ worm/ heartworm/ ear mites) or begin Bravecto Plus


20 Weeks                    Either Advocate  (fleas/ worm/ heartworm/ ear mites) monthly for life or

Bravecto Plus every 8 weeks for Life (flea/tick/heartworm/round and hookworm prevention)

A tapeworm tablet is recommended every 3 months

An annual health check and vaccination is recommended for life of your cat


FOR LIFE                   Annual health check, vaccination and heartworm injection (SR12) is recommended

Intestinal worming (Milbemax) continues every 3 months

Bravecto flea and tick preventative continues every 3 months



Ask us how our LifeVAC can help you and your kitten LifeVAC is a lifetime of vaccinations for your pet.

A one off payment of $575 for a cat & $675 for a dog covers annual vaccinations (which includes a veterinary health check) every year for the life of your pet! 



If you have any questions, please contact your local Sydney Animal Hospital;   


Newtown  (02)9519 4111
69-73 Erskineville Road Erskineville

Inner West (02)9516 1466
1A Northumberland Ave Stanmore

Norwest (02)8883 0411
Unit 8, 1-3 Celebration Dr Bella Vista

Kellyville (02)8883 0533
106 Windsor Rd Kellyville

Newport (02)9997 4609
1 Palm Rd Newport

Avalon (02)9918 0833 
710 Barrenjoey Rd Avalon Beach







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