SAH Fee Schedule




Vaccinations Vaccination Kitten 1st Visit   $137.50 Puppies & Kittens require 3 vaccinations 4 weeks apart
Ask about our LifeVAC 

A lifetime of Vaccinations for just 

$575 for a cat & $675 for a dog

Vaccination Kitten Booster   $137.50
Vaccination Puppy 1st Visit  C5 $159.50 Vaccination Puppy 1st Visit  C7  $212.00
Vaccination Puppy Booster  C5 $159.50 Vaccination Puppy Booster  C7  $212.00
Vaccination Dog C5   $159.50
Vaccination Dog C7   $212.00  (Annual Inc Leptospirosis)
Vaccination Cat F3   $137.50
Consultations Consultation Standard   $118.00  (Approx 20mins suitable for 1 pet with 1 concern)
Consultation Extended Critically Ill  $134.50
Consultation Extended for more than 1 concern  $134.50
Consultation Extended for a Senior Pet   $134.50
Leptospirosis Vaccination Initial Series is $229.50
This includes a full consultation with a Vet, initial vaccine then the booster for 2-4 weeks later.
Behaviour Consultation  $335.00
Consultation- Recheck    $103.00
Bandage Change   $103.00 + bandage
Sutural Removal (wound check)   Free
SR-12 Heartworm Annual Injection   From $92.00
Blood Test Repeat   $155.00 + pathology
Anal Glands   $34.00
Nail clip   $24.00
Microchipping CAR only   $90.50
(AQIS Vaccination) Pet Transport Consult From $285.00
  Euthanasia   To Be Advised
Promotions Free Nurse Dental Check promo
Free New Puppy and Kitten Vet Check



After Hours & Public Holidays Weekend after 6pm   $180.00
The public holiday surcharge is to cover penalty rates & staff costs. The hospitals have to maintain adequate staff to ensure a safe standard of care. Public Holiday Consultation   $198.00
Public Holiday Vaccinations Dog Price Dog C7 on a PH = $292.00 includes $80.00 Public Holiday surcharge
Public Holiday Vaccinations Cat Price Cat F3 on a PH = $217.50 includes $80.00 Public Holiday surcharge
Health Care Plans – see pages for different plans Healthy, Ultimate & Senior Plans
LifeVAC  $575 for a cat & $675 for a dog

(a one off payment)

A lifetime of vaccinations for the life of your pet.
Pre-Anesthetic Bloods   $155.00
Rapid Recovery Pack ‘RRP’  $186.00 RRP includes –

* Pre Anaesthetic Blood Test
*Intravenous fluid support during the procedure
*Post operative medication to maintain comfort and safety

Desexing                                                    DOG Female Spey (Under 1yr, not pregnant & not in season) < 10kg $478.00   * $664.00 Inc RRP

11kg – 25kg $551.50   *$737.50 Inc RRP

26kg – 40kg $585.00   * $771.00 Inc RRP
40kg+ from $652.50   * $838.50 Inc RRP
DOG Male Castrate (with 2 descended testicles) <10kg $435.50   * $621.50 Inc RRP
 11kg – 25kg $477.50   * $663.50 Inc RRP
   26kg – 40kg $545.00   * $731.00 Inc RRP
 40kg+ from $578.50   * $764.50 Inc RRP
CAT Female Spey $329.00   * $515.00 Inc RRP
CAT Male Castrate $183.00   * $369.00 Inc RRP



Full Clip Pricing (for short hair dogs) includes bath, clip, blow dry, ear clean, anal gland expression and nail clip 0-10 kg Ranging from $92.00-$102.00
11-20 kg Ranging from $110.50-$121.50
21-30kg Ranging from $120.00-$131.00
31-40kg Ranging from $141.00-$155.00
41kg+ Ranging from $202.00-$223.50
Medicated / Flea / Sensitive Skin special shampoo add $6.50
BATHING PRICING (for short hair dogs) 0-10 kg Ranging from $43.00-$46.50
11-25 kg Ranging from $45.00-$48.50
26-40kg Ranging from $51.00-$55.00
41kg+ Ranging from $54.00-$58.00


Cat grooming is available please contact your local Sydney Animal hospitals for prices.

Other grooming services are also available, enquire at your nearest Sydney Animal Hospital.

*Please note Newport and Avalon can only groom dogs under 15kgs.



Cats 1 cat only $38.00 per calendar day
Dogs Small <12kg $36.50 per calendar day
Med <22kg $41.00 per calendar day
Large >22kg $51.50 per calendar day
X Large >40kg+ $54.00 per calendar day
Family shared boarding available – Ask our team
Other animals Rabbits / Guinea Pigs / Birds BYO Cage & Food $38.50 per day per cage.


Please note: – Diabetic animals and renal failure animals incur a higher daily charge.


Please contact your local Sydney Animal Hospitals for availability and more information;