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  • (02) 8319 5555

SAH Fee Schedule




Vaccinations Vaccination Kitten 1st Visit   $155.50 Puppies & Kittens require 3 vaccinations 4 weeks apart
Ask about our LifeVAC 

A lifetime of Vaccinations for just 

$575 for a cat & $675 for a dog

Vaccination Kitten Booster   $155.50
Vaccination Puppy 1st Visit  C4 $163.00
Vaccination Puppy Booster  C5 $179.50 Vaccination Puppy Booster  C7  $238.50
SR-12 Heartworm injection 12 week puppy – Complimentary
SR-12 Heartworm injection 6 month puppy  $110.50


Vaccination Dog C5   $179.50
Vaccination Dog C7   $238.50 (Annual Inc Leptospirosis) Vaccination Dog C7  $319.50

Leptospirosis Initial Series Vaccination and Booster. This includes a full consultation with a Vet, initial vaccine then the booster for 2-4 weeks later.

SR-12 Heartworm Annual Injection   From $101.00 (dependant of body weight)


Vaccination Cat F3   $155.50


Consultations Consultation Standard   $133.00  (Approx 20mins suitable for 1 pet with 1 concern)
Consultation Extended Critically Ill  $151.50
Consultation Extended for more than 1 concern  $151.50
Consultation Extended for a Senior Pet   $151.50
Behaviour Consultation from $377.00
Consultation – Recheck    $116.00
Sutural Removal & Wound Check – Free (included in surgical fee)
Blood Test Repeat   $116.00 plus pathology
Anal Glands   $38.50
Nail clip   $28.50
Microchipping CAR only   $101.00
(AQIS Vaccination) Pet Transport Initial Consult From $324.00
  Euthanasia   To Be Advised
Promotions Free Nurse Dental Check
Free New Puppy and Kitten Vet Check



After Hours & Public Holidays Weekend after 6pm   $202.50
The public holiday surcharge is to cover penalty rates & staff costs. The hospitals have to maintain adequate staff to ensure a safe standard of care. Public Holiday Consultation   $222.50
Public Holiday Vaccinations Dog Price Dog C7 on a PH = $328.00 includes $89.50 Public Holiday surcharge
Public Holiday Vaccinations Cat Price


Cat F3 on a PH = $244.50 includes $89.50 Public Holiday surcharge


Health Care Plans – see pages for different plans Healthy, Ultimate & Senior Plans  


LifeVAC  $575 for a cat & $675 for a dog

(a one off payment)

A lifetime of vaccinations for the life of your pet.

Pre-Anesthetic Bloods   $174.00

Rapid Recovery Pack ‘RRP’  $208.00


RRP includes –

* Pre Anaesthetic Blood Test
*Intravenous fluid support during the procedure
*Post operative medication to maintain comfort and safety



Desexing                                                    DOG Female Spey (Under 1yr, not pregnant & not in season) < 10kg $522.00   * $724.00 Inc RRP

11kg – 25kg $602.00   *$804.00 Inc RRP

26kg – 40kg $638.50   * $840.50 Inc RRP
40kg+ from $712.50   * $871.50 Inc RRP


DOG Male Castrate (with 2 descended testicles) <10kg $475.50   * $677.50 Inc RRP
 11kg – 25kg $521.50   * $723.50 Inc RRP
   26kg – 40kg $595.00   * $797.00 Inc RRP
 40kg+ from $631.50   * $794.50 Inc RRP


CAT Female Spey Routine $360.00   * $562.00 Inc RRP
CAT Male Castrate Routine $200.00   * $383.50 Inc RRP



Full Clip Pricing (for short hair dogs) includes bath, clip, blow dry, ear clean, anal gland expression and nail clip 0-10 kg Ranging from $100.50
11-20 kg Ranging from $120.50
21-30kg Ranging from $131.00
31-40kg Ranging from $153.00
41kg+ Ranging from $220.00
Medicated / Flea / Sensitive Skin special shampoo add $12.00
BATHING PRICING (for short hair dogs) 0-10 kg Ranging from $46.50
11-25 kg Ranging from $49.50
26-40kg Ranging from $56.00
41kg+ Ranging from $59.00


Cat grooming is available please contact your local Sydney Animal hospitals for prices.

Other grooming services are also available, enquire at your nearest Sydney Animal Hospital.

*Please note Kellyville, Newport and Avalon SAHs currently do not have a groomer.



Cats 1 cat only $41.50 per calendar day
Dogs Small <12kg $40.00 per calendar day
Med <22kg $45.00 per calendar day
Large >22kg $56.50 per calendar day
X Large >40kg+ $59.00 per calendar day
Family shared boarding available – Ask our team


Please note: – Diabetic animals and renal failure animals incur a higher daily charge.


Please note – Sydney Animal Hospitals Newport & Avalon offer dog boarding through Hanrob however we care for animals onsite who require health observations, please contact our team for your pets needs.


Please contact your local Sydney Animal Hospitals for availability and more information;