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Senior Preventative Pet Health Care Plans

A Senior Preventative Pet Health Care Plan is an affordable way to provide a tailored preventative healthcare regime that is devised by our veterinarians for your pet. With simple on-going monthly payments it makes it easy for family budgeting and simplifies you pet’s preventative health care.

To help you care for your pet and keep the budget in check we have included a range of member rewards. Plus you’ll never have to remember to get your pet’s parasite preventative treatments again because we’ll deliver them as needed for FREE to you home.

  •   One pet health care package
  •   Affordable monthly payments
  •   Treatments delivered for free
  •   Added member rewards 



What’s Included


SENIOR Health Care Plan  (Prices from 1st October 2022)


  • Annual standard vaccination
  • Annual veterinary health check-up



  •  Heartworm protection 
  •  Intestinal worm protection
  •  Tick protection
  •  Flea protection



  • Health progress check every six months
  • Wellness blood tests for early disease diagnosis every six months
  • Wellness urine tests for early disease diagnosis every six months



  • Unlimited FREE nurse health checks
  • FREE pedicure/nail clipping
  • Grooming discount (10%)
  • Boarding discount (10%)
  • Hill’s pet food discounts (10%)
  • Arthritis medication discount (10%)
  • Synovan injections discount (10%)
  • Laser therapy discount (10%)




Receive $10 off monthly fee. See LifeVAC page for more information.


Choose your pet’s plan

Choose the plan that is right for you and your pet. As our pets get older their needs change. Therefore we have different pet care plans for different ages. 


SENIOR Health Care Plan per month

Cat (Plus with Heartworm)  $54.00

Cat (without Heartworm)  $53.00



A one-off joining fee of $40 is applicable to all plans.


Preventatives included


Annual standard vaccination

Parasitic Preventatives – Bravecto Plus – Tick, fleas, heartworm, ear mites and intestinal worms (sent every 2 months)

                                             or Bravecto – Ticks, fleas and ear mites (sent every 3 months) plus Milbemax – Intestinal worms (Quarterly).

*Preventatives included subject to change without notice.



For more information drop by your local Sydney Animal Hospital or call



Our Preventative Pet Health Care Plans are heavily discounted and are based on an annual commitment.

Should you need to stop your plan at any time you can do so by paying the remaining months

left on the annual plan or by paying for services used at full retail value, (whichever is less).

See website for full T&C’s.