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Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the process of injecting donor stem cells into injured or degenerated joints to stimulate growth and repair of damaged tissue.

This means that if your pet is suffering from:

  • Painful osteoarthritis and polyarthritis,
  • Degenerative joint disorders,
  • Tendon, ligament and cartilage injuries,

Stem cell therapy can not only provide ongoing relief from painful conditions to improve the quality of your pets life, but also speed up recovery times and improve the outcomes of surgical procedures.


What does the procedure involve?

Stem cell therapy is a non invasive and inexpensive one day procedure, which in many cases has been seen to produce positive results in as little as one or two days post treatment.

Stem cell treatment uses previously extracted ‘donor cells’ from specifically selected dogs and cats that are injected either locally (IA) or systematically (IV) into the damaged joint.

The regenerative cells injected into the joint stimulate repair and regeneration by interacting with the other pre existing cells in that area and creating an environment that encourages your pet’s body to naturally begin to heal the damaged tissue itself.

These regenerative cells regulate the tissue growth, returning function and mobility to the joint in a matter of weeks.


What is the recovery process?

The same day procedure has a quick recovery time, and normally within a couple of days your pet should be moving around again without pain, however it is important to try and reduce your pets physical activity for up to 10 days after treatment.

Stem cell therapy has been shown to be effective in 90% of cases, resulting in:

  • Restoration of your pets’ range of motion
  • Reduced pain in the joint
  • Reduced inflammation


Important considerations:

Stem cell therapy is suitable for selected cases. A proper evaluation is required before treatment is performed. Stem cell therapy can be a very useful treatment for specific conditions, such as post operative osteoarthritis after cruciate repair surgery.



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